“Safe Haven” For Teens

Photo by cottonbro: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-in-green-shirt-sitting-on-black-metal-railings-4842218/

Parish councilman AB Rubin has backed a “safe Haven” initiative for Lafayette youth. Teens can gather at the Girard Park Recreation Center Saturday nights from 6-10:30. The program is designed to be a safe way for teenagers to spend their Saturday evenings. Rubin wanted to establish a program to be an alternative to hanging out on the streets.

The evening begins with a meet & greet, followed by counseling, tutoring and a motivational speaker. That’s followed by 2 hours of free time.

Councilman Rubin told KLFY “I’m overjoyed. I’m excited. I mean there’s a lot of adjectives that I could use right now to explain how I’m feeling. Every summer, our crime rate goes up. I would like it to stop.”

Rubin says he’s now looking for a way to arrange transportation for kids who don’t have access.
Source: KLFY