The Dave & Mahoney Morning Show

Dave Farra and Jason Mahoney, along with Audrey Lee and Producer Ian, tackle anything and everything from the U.S. and the whole damn world. From sports to pop culture to all the weird and wild stories that happen every day, the guys will give you a taste of it all!

Dave Farra:
Dave is the ring leader and the voice of reason. He’s a Dad to three young kids and is desperately trying to stay young. Dave tries to control the chaos at home and on air; with limited success in both arenas.

Jason Mahoney:
Mahoney is the show’s curmudgeon that is doing everything in his power to act like an old man (sweet Tommy Bahama, bro). He’s also never wrong. Ever.

Audrey Drake:
Audrey’s millennial perspective is full of big, bright, and confident opinions. She’s a Kentucky girl and UK alum. She’s currently thinking about becoming a first time mother, and is willing to share it all on air.

Ian is the weirdest, and sweetest, guy you’ll ever meet. A normal Tuesday for him is hanging out in abandoned hotel just to interview a drifter to get show audio.

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