Do You Play Pickleball?

Photo by cottonbro:

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock. Pickleball was unknown to me until recently. I first learned of it while reading an online article in which former Saints quarterback Drew Brees jokingly discussed his future.

He joked about a return to the NFL, then quipped “I may play pickleball.” Okay, what’s that?

Pickleball has been described as a combination of tennis, ping pong & badminton. The sport is apparently quite popular, with about 5 million participants nationwide. It’s inexpensive. A starter set is about 20 bucks.

Ninety-year-old Allen Guidry has been playing for about 30 years. He was instrumental in bringing the sport to Acadiana.

There are only six local indoor courts, three at Beaullieu Park and three at Comeaux. There are 8 local outdoor courts, 6 at Beaullieu and 2 at Dupuis Park.

Source: KATC