Favorite Ice Cream Reveals Personality

Photo: Pexels.com

Whenever you decide to cool off and relax with a cool scoop of creamy ice cream, bet you did not think you were revealing details about your life? Without uttering a single word, you are actually saying a lot. It’s true. The flavor you pick determines when you could fall in love, your favorite movies, and household duty. Sounds like a stretch, doesn’t it. According to a scientific study, your favorite ice cream flavor reveals your personality.

Researchers studied 2000 Americans and determined that ice cream flavors seemed to correlate with certain behaviors.

In this study, scientists found that people who love strawberry ice cream were usually first to find love. And when they do fall head over heels, it is usually around the age of 24. Strawberry ice cream lovers also enjoyed doing laundry, preferred watching science fiction movies, and listening to jazz music.

If vanilla is your fave, you could find love at 25. Vanilla people also displayed risk-seeking behavior. They are more likely to be a night owl, prefer dogs over cats, and their favorite household chore is doing dishes. Although a vanilla lover is also more likely to be an introvert.

Chocolate fanatics are extroverts and usually find their life partner at the age of 26. Chocolate people enjoy watching romantic comedies, listen to pop music, R&B, and rock ‘n roll.

Source: Study Finds, One Poll