Get to Know: Layla Lavergne

Layla Lavergne is a singer-songwriter from Lafayette, Louisiana. A family friend noticed her singing ability when she was just 6 years old. This friend encourage her parents to explore their daughter’s talent. Soon, Layla was performing for a live audience.

Layla Lavergne is now 12 and preparing for an album release party at NiteTown in Downtown Lafayette. The event is this Friday. Tickets are available through EventBrite.

Layla helped write every song featured on her new album. Her favorite part of performing is the crowd. She says when the audience is enjoying the show, it gives her energy and makes performing more fun.

Find out more about Layla Lavergne, listen to the interview below.

Layla Lavergne visits with 1063RL

Source: Layla Lavergne