How to Sandbag a Door

With potential flooding on the way, sandbags are a good way to divert flood waters. While it doesn’t guarantee water will not reach your home, it will help. Many local governments will provide sandbags to residents for free.

Follow these steps to make sure your home is protected as much as possible against flooding:

Step 1
Place a plastic tarp in front of any doors that are threatened by flood waters. This liner is essential because sandbags alone will not stop flood water.

Step 2
The tarp needs to be placed high enough to cover the expected flood waters. The tarp can be attached to the doorframe with screws.

Step 3
Place the first row of sandbags horizontally across the entire doorway and touching the exterior of the house. Flatten the sandbags so they fit as tight as possible against the exterior of the house and the doorway.

Step 4
Stack the next row of sandbags on top of the first. The bags should be stacked pyramid style, meaning the bag on top should be stacked evenly over two bags on the bottom row. Repeat this method for each additional row.

Step 5
Flatten the sandbags by stepping on them to seal them tightly into place and to help seal any cracks.