INTERVIEW: Local Nurse’s Experience After Vaccination

Photo: Pexels

Last week, a limited shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine was rolled out to several pharmacies and hospitals in Louisiana. As a result, more people are eligible to get vaccinated. So now if you are 70 and older, on dialysis, and if you are an employee or student in the medical field, you can now get the vaccine for COVID. You have to contact a pharmacy that has it in stock and make an appointment.

Although some people may be a little nervous to get the vaccine, this was not the case for Katie Lail. Lail is a nurse in Lafayette. She received the vaccine for COVID-19 a few weeks ago and is due to get her second shot soon. Lail revealed that she was excited and relieved to get vaccinated. Unlike some people, Lail was not scared at all. Lail assured me that the vaccine is not COVID-19. She felt fine after getting her first shot.

The last year has been a hectic year for Katie Lail and many others who work in the medical field. Many facilities were short-staffed and the nurses who did report to the office were overworked. Lail said she is hoping this vaccine will help flatten the curb. She has cared for a few patients who tested positive for COVID-19 and their suffering made her want to do whatever she could to slow the spread.

Photo: Katie Lail, Registered Nurse in Lafayette