Luna Bar and Grill Expanding From Lake Charles to Lafayette

I have fond memories of my time working and living in Lake Charles. It’s unfortunate the view of the city from I10 is not flattering for Lake Charles.  I found after moving into the downtown area, the city was vibrant and full of energy. It has a very nice lakefront wall where families play on weekends and at night the city comes alive as the local bars and eateries featuring live music and food.  What you may not know, Lake Charles has done a beautiful at making the downtown welcoming to all.

One of my favorite places to hang was Luna Bar and Grill on Ryan St. Not only was Luna is walking distance from my house in Lake Charles,  the vibe the bar has is such a welcoming air. With the easy-going attitude and live music, Luna was my perfect spot to hang out. The bar was perfect for watching and listening to live music and I have yet to mention how delicious the menu items are yet we’ll dive into the food later. Luna was my after work, let’s hang out on the weekend spot.

It’s not often you hear of a local bar and eatery expanding to a second location out of their home market, but Luna is taking the giant leap, opening a second location on Jefferson St., downtown Lafayette. For the Hub City, Luna will be an excellent addition to the entertainment and food scene. The new location will be located at 533 Jefferson St.

The rebuild has started at the Lafayette location with tentative plans to open March 2020.




Luna’s menu features many items that will be right at home in Lafayette such as aa crawfish bread, crawfish bisque, and a huge selection of seafood dishes including crabs, redfish and tuna.

If it’s steaks your wanting, Luna has filets and ribeye’s plus you can always get your steak topped with crawfish or your favorite seafood.

If it’s possible to duplicate the vibe, feel and a cool scene of Luna Bar and Grill in Lake Charles to Lafayette, I think you’ll enjoy a visit and meal at Luna Br and Grill.