Lundi Love – Jak’s Donuts

Mustang 1071 is loving the light fluffy donuts at Jak’s donuts.

Currently, I have a house guest. It is my mom. She is from South Dakota and has been visiting for about a month now. Not sure how long her visit will last but we are enjoying her company. She absolutely loves donuts and since she has been down, it is her mission to try all of the different donut shops that Lafayette, LA has to offer. Recently, she has decided that her favorite place is Jak’s Donuts.

Jak’s Donuts is a tiny donut shop located on the corner of Verot School Road and Millcreek. There is also a location in Broussard on Albertson Parkway. According to my mom, the donuts are light and airy. She says every bite has just enough sweetness. Jak’s glazed donuts are the perfect companion for coffee.

This passed Sunday morning, I woke up early, to ride my bike around the city, on my way home, I stopped at Jak’s Donuts to find out why my mom loved this place so much. Although, I have noticed that there is always a long line of cars crowded up the parking up in front of Jak’s. So, I figure the donuts were going to be good. I picked up a half dozen of glazed, a cinnamon twist and a Kolaches.

The two ladies working behind the counter were super friendly. In fact, even the folks dining inside were cheerful and welcoming. The glass case featured an array of donut-like delicacies. It was hard to pick. But mom was right. Jak’s Donuts are delicious. We love it!

For this reason, Mustang 1071 is showing some love on Monday to Jak’s Donuts.