Lundi Love: Louisiana Range Gun Club

Mustang 1071 is showing some love for Louisiana Range Gun Club! This is a fun place to visit. When you live in a growing city such as Lafayette, Louisiana, it is hard to find a safe place to practice shooting a target. There is less empty space available. Louisiana Range Gun Club solves that problem. It is located in Maurice and is really easy to find. I stopped by for a visit last week.

The owners Chad and Francine Veazey, a husband and wife team, both have been working in the oil field industry for years. And both were ready for a change. After researching gun clubs for a few years, the two finally decided to take the plunge and follow their dream of creating a safe place to shoot. The Louisiana Range has been open for two years now. Even if you are not a gun owner, you can stop by and shoot a firearm. And any type of firearm too. Firearms are available to rent.

This place is open to everyone! And it has a welcoming environment. Usually, when I think of a shooting range, I think of a metal gray cold building but that is not the case at all at Louisiana Range Gun Club. This place is warm, inviting and smells nice. When you enter the range section, there is music playing, good music too. And along each stall are photographs of Louisiana wildlife and countryside taken by Francine Veazey.

I shot a fully automatic machine gun. It was definitely an adrenaline rush. For a moment, I felt like Rambo. People hold parties, get-togethers, and meetings at the Louisiana Range Gun Club. Every once in a while, this gun club holds events that include preparing for a post-apocalyptic situation. (You get to practice shooting zombies.)

Louisiana Gun Club also offers classes. You can take courses to get a concealed carry permit and learn how to safely use a pistol or rifle. So even if you are still thinking about owning a firearm, this place can help you get started. Check it out. I really had a fun time shooting! I cannot wait to bring my son and daughter so they can try out the fully-automatic firearm. For this reason and more, Mustang is showing some love for Lousiana Range Gun Club! And if you decide to stop by and try out the machine gun, tell them Mustang 1071 recommended it.