Lundi Love: Mountain Bike Trails at Acadiana Park

Mustang 1071 just loves the Mountain Bike Trail!! It is one of the many amenities available to anyone living in Acadiana. It’s free, fun and a good stress reliever.

The Mountain Bike Trail at Acadiana Park is like an outdoor roller coaster. It is located just off of East Alexander Street. The entrance is near the tennis courts. It is best to go when the trail is dry. I once went through the trail after heavy rain and the trail was really muddy. The mud makes it a little hazardous and challenging to travel through. Luckily, at the end of the trail, there is a station with a water hose to rinse the mud off of your bike. The best thing to do is to check the Facebook Group dedicated to the Mountain Bike Trails and see if the anyone has posted the conditions of the trail.

The trail is fun and exciting. It is easy to pick up speed when weaving in and out of the forest. The trail is full of hills, ramps, and bridges. It recommended to always wear a helmet and sunglasses to protect your eyes from branches. All skill levels can enjoy this place.

The first time I took my bike to the mountain bike trail I did not know what to expect. I was actually looking for a place to go bike riding that was out of the way and not in the middle of traffic. After a google search, this place popped up. Luckily that day, the trail was dry. I zoomed around curves through narrow lanes with the trees closing in. I felt like I was flying through air. Of course, down some of the hills, I clenched my bike’s brakes. I didn’t trust that I could hold on if my bike picked up too much speed.

This place is for all ages.

For this reason, Mustang is showing love on a Lundi to the Mountain Bike Trail of Acadiana Park.