Three Things You Should Know About Me:

While I was studying for my History/Social Studies Education degree at UL, I had several internships and odd jobs, pursuing what I thought to be a pipe dream, in broadcasting and sound tech. In Oct ’16, my dream became a reality when Delta Media gave me an opportunity to help out with Louisiana Comic Con. From there, I’ve been taking on so many new challenges and I’m loving every minute. 

I was born in Lafayette and spent a few years living in a few places between TX & MS, but I’ve spent most of my life in Acadiana and I’ve had a passion for Cajun history and culture all my life. At UL, I studied Acadian history in my free time and I’m writing a fictional-history story about the Grand Derangement. I have a special appreciation of local artists and musicians, I love riding my bike or walking my dogs and checking out music and art downtown.

I nerd out hard on video games, music, TV shows, Acadian stuff, literature, Renaissance stuff (random note on that: I’m published in an academic journal on Dante’s “Divine Comedy”) and cultivating my 200+ piece *mostly funny* t-shirt collection.

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