Scam Alert: Asphalt Paving Repairs


It is always a good idea to do your research when hiring a contractor to do a job at your home or business.

The Better Business Bureau has been alerted to a new asphalt paving scam that is targeting homeowners. Remember if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good and not real. According to the BBB of Acadiana, victims are tricked into a good deal and not getting their money’s worth.

The scam starts with a contractor calling or randomly showing up at a home offering a cheap price to update the driveway. When the victim agrees to the price, the “fake contractor” will usually ask for a portion of the money upfront and will be reluctant to reveal information about the main office. After the money is paid, the fake contractor will usually disappear. If this fake contractor does complete the job, it may look unprofessional and unfinished.

The BBB suggests to avoid being scammed, always be wary of unsolicited deals. If you did not seek out the service and were randomly approached, it could be a scam.

Be sure to research the company or contractor before you exchange money. The Better Business Bureau has resources to find information. Look for complaints or negative reviews.

BBB also recommends getting the estimate in writing. Never let a contractor start a job without signing an agreement. The agreement should outline the costs, and the projected start and finishes dates.

The BBB reports it is a good idea to stagger payments. Never pay full price before the job has started. Also, use a safe payment method such as a credit card or check.

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