The “Nevermind” Baby Files Dismissed Lawsuit

(Photo credit: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo)

The “Nevermind” Baby is back and not giving up his fight against the iconic Nirvana album cover.

Spencer Elden, was the 4 month old baby submerged underwater on the cover of the 1991 “Nevermind” album. He is now 30 and has filed a new lawsuit claiming the image used is child pornography.

According to an article by AP News, this is actually the same lawsuit that Elden originally filed back in August of 2021. The lawsuit was dismissed by a judge because of a missed deadline but that same judge gave him permission to refile.

Reportedly, Elden claims that band purposely showed his “private parts” in the photo. His lawsuit also claims the band has made lots of money from a photo that has caused him to suffer “lifelong damages.”

Source: AP News