Will Creed Reunite Anytime Soon?

Creed | Reuters Photographer

In a recent interview, Mark Tremonti admits that he does not have any plans to reunite creed any time soon but would reconsider if any “business heads” advise him to do it, AKA offer something big.

“Right now, I have a new record coming out,” Tremonti explains. “I’ve got to write another Alter Bridgecr record and get out and tour for that next fall. It’s really difficult to squeeze out three months or whatever it takes to do the Creed stuff.”

The rocker also has a six-month-old daughter, and shares that being on tour away from her is hard enough as is. 

“We’ve definitely had our ups and downs,” he reveals about Creed and that a reunion would need the right context to happen imminently. 

Earlier this year, Creed’s official Facebook page was updated with an old photo of the band. This caused fans to buzz with excitement that a reunion would be announced soon.

Creed drummer Scott Phillips addressed the rumors by telling Audio Ink Radio: “there has been some chatter, and there’s no specific timetable for anything or no specific plans, but it’s a possibility down the road. We’ll just kind of let it play out naturally and see what happens.”

Creed went on hiatus in October 2013 and scrapped work on what would have been their fifth studio album.