Are You A Workaholic? Find out now!


There are lots of things in this world to be addicted to, chips, people, coffee, exercising, and work. Yes, work. Ther are some individuals in this world who love their job so much they just can’t get enough of it. It is a strange concept but it’s true. Workaholics. And here is the strangest part, you may be one of them and not even know it. Somewhere between your first day of training for an entry-level position to a high five from the boss and promotion, you became obsessed with your role in your company. And here another crazy part, you are not alone.

According to a new study, 4 out of ten people can’t stop working even after clocking out for the day. This survey also discovered that a large number of employees spend close to 11 hours of free time worrying about work. Only a mere 3 percent of the people in the study leave the office when the shift ends. If you are not sure if you are indeed a workaholic, here are the signs.

A workaholic will check emails outside of the office, sometimes in bed, during dinner time and while watching television. They will make work-related calls off the clock.

Workaholics never take a lunch break, and often stop by the office during the weekends. The workaholic is usually the first or last person to leave the office.

Workaholics also do not spend enough time with family members and sometimes spend more time talking to their manager and coworkers.

Workaholics also lose sleep over their job and sometimes wake up during the night thinking and stressing about work.

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