Cute Little Italian Cafe in the Oil Center

This week, on this lovely Monday, we are showing some love for Antoni’s Italian Cafe. Antoni’s is a locally owned restaurant. It’s been located in the Oil Center Gardens for the last twenty years. I like this place because it feels fancy and romantic yet casual. You can get a delicious authentic Italian meal. The first time, I dined at Antoni’s I tried the risotto. I had no idea that risotto was a rice dish. It was the special that night. They served it with swordfish. Again, something I had never had swordfish before. The entire experience was refreshing. And the prices are reasonable. The dishes are fresh bold and with high-quality flavor.

A friend once worked for Antoni’s. She could still be there. I just hadn’t talked to her in a while so she could be in California by now, who knows. But when she worked for Antoni’s, she absolutely loved it. She was a server. She said the owners were super nice and treated their employees with lots of respect. She would go on and on about the cleanliness of the kitchen. In the kitchen, keeping stations clean and ingredients separate was extremely important. The last time I saw her over there, I had ordered the pizza and a salad. She ran over with a little sample of Antoni’s homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing. After tasting it, I understood her excitement. Delicious.

So if you are looking for something different and possibly Italian, give Antoni’s a try. It is a cute little cafe that serves up great service and delicious dishes.

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