“Fall Back” This Sunday

Blog by Steve Wiley

Ever wonder when the practicice of switching our clocks back and forth began, or why? The United states adopted the practice during world war I to save energy. If it got dark an hour earlier during the winter months, people would go to bed an hour earlier, thus using less electricity and heating fuel. The practice actually originated in Canada in 1908. It’s been called into question in recent years. President Johnson signed a bill in 1966, allowing states to skip the semiannual time switch. Hawaii and Arizona are the only US states that don’t switch. If you’re confused about switching, there’s a simple phrase to help you remember, “Spring forward, fall back.” This Sunday, November 5th, we set our clocks back one hour in the switch from daylight saving time to standard time. Bills to do away with the change have been introduced in Congress as recently as this year.

Source: Wikipedia