Lundi Love: Whittington Veterinary Clinic

This week, Mustang 1071 is showing a little Lundi Love for Whittington Veterinary Clinic in Abbeville. As soon as you walk in the door you a greeted by a friendly Labradoodle. This human-like pooch will give you a tour of the place. There are two veterinarians operating in this clinic. Dr. Paul Whittington is from Lafayette. He handles the large animals. Dr. Casi cares for small animals. They both love animals and are committed to providing high-quality care.

I had a chance to visit with Dr. Casi. She told me that she spent her childhood on a ranch in Scott, Louisiana. She says it just made sense to become a veterinarian. The place is huge. She took me to the back of the facility where the livestock animals are administered treatment. No animal is turned away. The clinic has helped deer, cattle, sheep, cats, and dogs.

The clinic has been in operation since 2009. Dr. Paul took over the clinic and changed the name. His goal was to continue the level of small-town care but with big-city high tech equipment.

Find out more about the services offered by visiting Whittington Veterinarian Clinic.