Pickup Truck Thefts Are On The Rise In Acadiana

Heavy duty pickup trucks are popular with hard working folks in South Louisiana. As a result, they’re also popular with theives. There’s a lot of money to be made off a stolen pickup truck. Thieves can alter the VIN, repaint & stell a stolen vehicle. Disassenbling the vehicle and selling off the parts is more profitable, as well as being difficult to trace. Vermilion Parish Sheriff Mike Couvillion says pickup thefts are on the rise in Acadiana. 

He recommends several measures to protect yourself from losing your vehicle. Always keep it locked & take your keys or key fob. If you have a garage or barn, store it inside. If you’re out at night, park your truck in a well lit space. If the vehicle has an anti theft system, activate it. As always, report any suspicious activity to law enforcement. 

Source: KATC 

Blog by Steve Wiley