Two Louisiana Cities Among Most Targeted By Robocallers

Photo by Markus Spiske:

Robocall activity in the US jumped by nearly 6% in January. The highest number was in the country’s largest cities, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, and Atlanta. When it’s broken down per capita, the numbers look very different. Two Louisiana cities appear in the top ten. Baton Rouge has the dubious distinction of being number one, with Lafayette at number eight.

I think we’ve all gotten the Car Warranty call and the Camp LeJeune call. The FCC has ordered phone providers to block car warranty calls.
Why have Baton Rouge and Lafayette been so heavily targeted? People in the south are more likely to answer the phone, according to call center data. Cities with high poverty rates are also popular targets. The poverty rate in Baton Rouge is nearly 25%.

What to do? Register with the national “Do Not Call” list. Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. Check with your provider to see if they offer a call filter. I have one. It sends unknown callers to voicemail.

Source: KLFY