Your Bath Soap May Be Attracting Mosquitoes

Photo by Pixabay:

The calendar might not yet say it’s summer, but South Louisiana weather does. You’ll be spending time outdoors, dipping in the pool, sitting on the patio in the evening, and grilling. When the sun goes down, those annoying winged party crashers show up. Female mosquitoes are on a quest for blood to fertilize their eggs, breeding more unwanted visitors to your outdoor gathering. We do all kinds of things to repel them, tiki torches, smudge pots, citronella candles, and topically applied chemicals.

A recent study at Virginia Tech indicates your choice of bath soap may be a factor in your attractiveness to those nasty little pests. they found Dial, Dove, Native, and Simple Truth attract mosquitoes. The scent of coconut apparently repels them. Keep that in mind the next time you shop for toiletries.

Source: Study Finds, Pulse of Radio