Win a FREE King Cake!!

Indulge in the sweet anticipation of Mardi Gras with the “King Cake a Day” giveaway! Picture yourself savoring the delicious layers of cinnamon-infused goodness, topped with vibrant colored icing and sprinkled with festive sugar. The excitement builds as Gambino’s Bakery, renowned for their mouthwatering king cakes, joins forces with A Bryans Jewelers to make your pre-Fat Tuesday dreams come true. From now until February 9th, simply text the word “king” to 337-283-8100, and you could be the lucky winner of a free king cake each day leading up to the grand celebration. It’s a delightful opportunity to experience the joy of Mardi Gras with a delectable treat, thanks to the generosity of A Bryans Jewelers and the culinary expertise of Gambino’s Bakery.

As the countdown to Fat Tuesday begins, don’t miss your chance to revel in the festive spirit and savor the taste of tradition. With one fortunate winner chosen daily, the “King Cake a Day” giveaway is a thrilling journey towards Mardi Gras bliss. Embrace the season, share the excitement, and text “king” now for a shot at enjoying a scrumptious king cake from Gambino’s Bakery – because nothing says Mardi Gras like the irresistible allure of a perfectly crafted king cake! This mouthwatering giveaway is proudly sponsored by A Bryans Jewelers, Gambino’s Bakery, and 106.3, Lafayette’s Rock & Alternative!

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